En production | Long métrage | Fiction

 Leonardo, a ballet dancer, and Sara, an ambitious lawyer, are young black Cubans desperate to leave their country. They realize that their ticket off the island is for Leonardo to seduce one of the foreign students at the salsa school where he teaches. Dreams collide when they meet a lonely Iranian-Canadian woman who is seeking adventure and passion in paradise. 

Scénario : Kaveh Nabatian 

Réalisation : Kaveh Nabatian

Production : Gabrielle Tougas-Fréchette et Ménaïc Raoul (Voyelles Films)

Direction de la photographie : Juan Pablo Ramirez Ibanez

Direction artistique : Valérie-Jeanne Mathieu

Montage : Sophie Leblond

Conception Sonore : Sylvain Bellemare

Musique originale : Kaveh Nabatian

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