Long métrage | Fiction

Leonardo and Sara are young black Cubans looking for away out of their country. Leonardo, a ballet dancer, and Sara, a passionate lawyer, are fueled by ambition as they seek to escape the challenges of living in Havana. Determined to start a new life together in North America, they devise a plan in which Leonardo will seduce a foreigner and gain residency in another country, sending for Sara once he has papers.

Nasim, an Iranian-Canadian tourist looking for a vacation and a fling, becomes blindly entangled in their plan, allowing herself to be seduced by Leonardo's sultry exoticism and eventually offering to sponsor him to come to Canada. Money, religion, race, sex, and betrayal all contribute to an international love triangle that forces the characters to face a reality that is far different than the one they had planned for. 

Scénario : Kaveh Nabatian 

Réalisation : Kaveh Nabatian

Production : Gabrielle Tougas-Fréchette et Ménaïc Raoul (Voyelles Films)

Direction de la photographie : Juan Pablo RamirezIbanez

Direction artistique : Valérie-Jeanne Mathieu

Montage : Matthew Hannam

Conception Sonore : Hans Bernhard

Musique originale : Kaveh Nabatian

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